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When employers think about implementing a wellness program, they inevitably ask themselves, do they work? Well, it all depends on your employee’s participation. Are they willing to share vital health information with you such as how much they eat, drink, smoke or exercise?

The good news: they will when they see how much they can save. When your employees agree to make lifestyle changes in exchange for healthcare savings, it becomes an instant win-win.

So whether you have an established wellness program and you’re looking to increase employee participation or want to take an initial step to introducing a wellness program to your firm, Effective Learning’s audio programs are an engaging, easy-to-do experience to offer your employees.

Effective Learning can help you:

  • improve retention
  • increase productivity
  • see higher rates of presenteeism
  • reduce costs on a company-wide basis

When you think of workplace wellness programs, many firms see great savings on healthcare costs when they concentrate on the big four: tobacco use, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According to a report published by the Nationals Business Group on Health 67% of employers identified “employees’ poor health habits” as one of their top three challenges to maintaining affordable health coverage.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, Insurance, Healthcare, or Workplace Wellness provider, Content Publishers, or Small Business, Effective Learning offers audio programs to help your employees or customers improve their health and wellness as well as many other areas of their professional and personal lives.

Contact Effective Learning today to learn how we can help your business offer an effective way to encourage healthy behavior.