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What We Do

Starting a wellness program or improving your current wellness offering will not only help your bottom line, it will help to improve the overall atmosphere of your organization as well as the general well being of your employees.

Lifestyle Management Audio Programs

Effective Learning Systems takes a lifestyle management approach to helping fulfill your organization’s wellness needs. By adding our audios to your current offering, or using them as the basis for your wellness program, your employees will be able to build life habits and techniques that will help them not only be more productive and successful at the workplace but also in all aspects of their lives. If some bad habits have already been adopted, our audios will help improve the situation, either by helping individuals to break the habit, or by empowering individuals to take the necessary steps to not let things get worse.

What do these two methods of prevention mean for you, the employer? Taking a prevention approach, both at the primary and secondary levels will mean:

  • a lower rate of absenteeism
  • a higher rate of presenteeism
  • and a generally, happier, more productive staff

For more information about how you can help your specific company take a look at the benefits of using our audios and the corporate catalog.