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Sleep Soundly Every Night – While-U-Sleep

If you struggle getting to sleep at night or have trouble staying asleep long enough to get the rest you need, these programs are for you! These audio programs are designed specifically to help you get the sleep you need. You’ll love the result!

We’ve always known that sleep is important to health and happiness, but the latest research has linked a lack of sleep with many health and emotional problems including weight gain, memory loss, depression, and even heart disease.

Unfortunately, many people have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep long enough to get the quantity and quality sleep they need for optimum health and well-being.

This program is designed to help you not only get the sleep you need, but to improve the quality of your sleep and even make your dreams more productive. It will also help you wake up at the time you want feeling refreshed and revitalized!

You get 2 CDs (or two MP3 download files):

  • CD 1 (or first MP3 file) – Soothing, audible guided meditation
  • CD 2 (or second MP3 file) – Hypnotic music and nature sounds with subliminal messages

Play the programs when you go to bed. You may either play the program once and let it end or you can set your player to repeat the program over and over all night long. While playing it all night long can maximize your exposure to the programming, you may prefer to sleep in silence during most of the night. Therefore the choice is yours.

It’s also your choice to play the audible version of the program or the subliminal version. Both have very valuable and powerful programming, but each person responds uniquely to the different techniques. Most people alternate the programs nightly to take advantage of both kinds of programming.

But you can’t benefit from the programs if you don’t listen to them. So order now!