Effective Learning


Nurture Your Soul…Auto-matically

If you find that you spend most of your time focused on everyone else and too little time on yourself, this program is perfect for you. It helps you internalize some of the most inspiring wisdom from history’s great philosophers, scientists, physicians, poets and spiritual leaders who have helped shape and enrich so many lives. You will get in touch with your higher self and enjoy greater peace of mind and fulfillment.

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Double Your Energy…Auto-matically

You’ll love how this program helps you come alive with positive energy and vitality. You will learn how to tap into the stores of energy you didn’t know you had. It is guaranteed to help you raise your energy level.


Tapping Your Inner Strength

You’ve heard the expression “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” You are much tougher than you think, and this program helps you tap an inner strength you didn’t even know you had – whenever you need it! You’ll be more adaptive, resourceful, creative, and confident, and you’ll quickly get your life moving in a more positive and prosperous direction.

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This program has excellent techniques for relaxing, thinking and feeling more positive, and improving relationships. It will help you deal with symptoms of PMS and minimize the impact it has on your life and relationships.

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