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Succeed at Weight Control – While-U-Sleep

Take complete control of your weight and shape while you sleep! You’ll not only enjoy a deep, rejuvenating sleep, you’ll help program your inner mind for fast and permanent weight control. It’s well known that to lose weight permanently you need to eat right and exercise. As simple as that is, it is one of […]


Sleep Soundly Every Night – While-U-Sleep

BRAND NEW! If you struggle getting to sleep at night or have trouble staying asleep long enough to get the rest you need, these programs are for you! These audio programs are designed specifically to help you get the sleep you need. You’ll love the result!


Quit Smoking…Auto-matically

Live a healthier, happier, smoke-free life with the help of this program. Completely different from any other recorded program for overcoming the tobacco habit/addiction, it helps you tap your inner strength and deepen your resolve to be in control of your life!

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Nurture Your Soul…Auto-matically

If you find that you spend most of your time focused on everyone else and too little time on yourself, this program is perfect for you. It helps you internalize some of the most inspiring wisdom from history’s great philosophers, scientists, physicians, poets and spiritual leaders who have helped shape and enrich so many lives. You will get in touch with your higher self and enjoy greater peace of mind and fulfillment.

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Double Your Energy…Auto-matically

You’ll love how this program helps you come alive with positive energy and vitality. You will learn how to tap into the stores of energy you didn’t know you had. It is guaranteed to help you raise your energy level.


Conquer Stress…Auto-matically

Loaded with effective strategies and techniques for relaxing and releasing unwanted stress, this program will change your life. This is not just great for managing stress, in our opinion it’s one of the best self-help audio programs ever made – period!

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