Effective Learning

Bob Griswold

Bob_Griswold_BioBob Griswold is internationally recognized as a long-time leader in the field of human potential development. He founded Effective Learning Systems, Inc. in 1972, and has personally taught over fifty thousand people techniques for relaxation, weight & smoking control, memory, stress management, leadership, controlling habits, goal achievement and self-esteem through seminars conducted for corporations, government agencies, and the general public.

Bob has presented many conferences and workshops at the University of Minnesota and other universities. These conferences included “The Healing Power of Love and Laughter” and “Using Stress Management Techniques to Improve Health, Relationships and Productivity.” These cutting edge conferences featured world-renowned speakers such as Norman Cousins, Bernie Siegel, R. Buckminster Fuller, Karl Menninger, Carl Simonton, Gerald Jampolsky, Wayne Dyer, Joyce Brothers, et al. Many of these prominent professionals have become members of ELS’s Board of Advisors and have contributed a great deal in their knowledge and friendship.

Bob’s work soon evolved into the most popular series of individual self-help audios in the industry. They are the top selling line of self-help audio programs in North American retail bookstores – including over 20 years on the Barnes & Noble Bestsellers list – and have sold millions via mail order and the Internet.

The same principles of improving self-esteem, which have been so effective for adults attending his seminars and listening to his audio programs, are now available for children on Songs for Self-Esteem™. Bob wrote all of the music and lyrics on Songs for Self-Esteem, Volumes 1 and 2. He enlisted the assistance of some of the top producers, arrangers, vocalists, musicians and studio facilities available to help realize his dream to help children make a better future for themselves…and the world.

Bob also served as a consultant to the Science Museum of Minnesota, as Vice President of the Minnesota Futurists and was appointed by Governor Arne Carlson to the Minnesota Early Childhood Care and Education Council.

At the request of Warner Books, a division of Time/Warner, Bob wrote How to Attract Money™, which deals with the relationship between self-esteem and financial success. It is based on one of his most popular self-help audio titles, and has been printed in seven languages. In 2009, he revised and expanded this book and re-released it with a new title, Attract Money and More.