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About Us

Effective Learning Systems provides an array of unique wellness tools that help people live to their full potential.

  • We enable employers to help their employees improve their health and productivity.
  • We help healthcare and insurance providers achieve their mission more efficiently.
  • We help wellness brands enhance their value by expanding their offerings.
  • And more…

Over the last 40 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of people, organizations and corporations, to improve their overall wellness and achieve their specific goals. Through this effort we have created an extensive library of unique, highly effective audio programs to help your employees and customers live more successful, happy and productive lives leading to a direct impact on your firm’s success.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, a small business, a medical institution, an insurance organization or a wellness company, our techniques can help you improve. Using our expansive offering, we can create customized, “prescriptive” packages to meet your employees, your patients, or your clients specific needs – from general wellness topics like weight loss, overcoming addictions and improving self-esteem to organizational wellness topics like goal achievement, effective sales skills, and leadership.

Over 40 years of experience.

The roots of Effective Learning date back to 1972 when Bob Griswold pioneered these powerful techniques to help people reach their true potential. These goal-oriented programs utilize the most effective techniques anchored in sound psychological theory. We incorporated the teachings of the leading doctors and psychologists — pioneers in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and human potential development. The following esteemed individuals were integral in the development of these programs and have served on the Effective Learning Systems board of advisors:

  • Dr. O. Carl Simonton – Oncologist and pioneer in the field of psychological oncology
  • Dr. C. Norman Shealy – Neurosurgeon, chronic pain treatment specialist
  • Norman Cousins – Author and professor of Medical Humanities at UCLA Medical School
  • Dr. Bernie Siegel – Pediatric surgeon and professor at Yale Medical School

All it takes to enjoy the benefits is to…listen!

Learn how our programs can incorporate a unique recipe of positive, enjoyable experience that result in real improvements to your workforce or other constituencies. Click here to learn more about Bob and the Effective Learning team: